“An unknown error has occurred while reading the video file. Connecting to Dynamic Link server failed.”

I know that this has been covered in an earlier thread but I didn’t see a definitive answer/solution. I have been importing photos and videos into my library on my iMac (Sierra) but yesterday Lightroom displayed a message and listed all my video files that it was unable to import. The photos imported fine but it did not allow me to import any MP4 videos from a Sony digital camera.

The message said:

“An unknown error has occurred while reading the video file. Connecting to Dynamic Link server failed.
Connecting to Dynamic Link Server Failed”

I Googled it but there were all sorts of explanations ranging from problems with Apple Quicktime to suggestions to reinstall the whole OS. However I kept digging and eventually found a suggestion that solved my problem and I wanted to share it with you.

Go to Lightroom, Preferences, File Handling and at the bottom of the page is Video Cache Settings. If you Purge the Cache it solved my problem completely. But note that it can take some hours to purge the cache.

Purge The Cache.png

Make sure you’re purging the Video Cache Settings, not the Camera Raw Cache Settings? When I click on it I get the message below.

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 4.06.07 pm (2).png

If this takes way too long, try this:

It is still showing the same message, still trying to delete video cache. It seems like (according to Activity Monitor) LR does not perform anything. I found the cache files under Library>Cache>Adobe>Lightroom>Video>Media Cache Files… It is approx. 142 GB. Should I delete them manually? There are cfa, ims and pek files.

Instead of deleting, rename. Then if things work, go ahead and delete.

Thank you everyone! Renaming was genius!
I manually deleted cache files under the two folders I mentioned before/above. LR works perfectly and it is so great to get rid of hidden 150 gb!!! So happy, thank you everyone, @glospete, you’re the hero…

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